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The Skincare Shelf 0.2

October 01, 2017

A new room means a new skincare shelf, and since I've been living in my new house for a few months the time has come to share my current skincare situation. I have to say I am not liking it as much as my previous setup, here. But this is probably down to the fact that I no longer have an ensuite and have to set everything up in my room.

My actual skincare lineup hasn't changed much, I definitely stick to the products I know and love with a couple of newbies thrown into the mix, most notably the Pai Rosehip Oil, Origins GinZing Eye Cream, Origins Original Skin Essence Lotion and the Avene Triacneal Expert Emulsion.

I think that my goal for the future is to create a much more curated skincare shelf, there are so many products that I don't use and so many underloved products that don't get given the time of day due to the constant flow of new products coming along. We will see how that works out in the future, but the shelf could definitely do with a clear out.

What are your favourite skincare products?
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