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So, You're Ready to Make Your First Glossier Order

October 27, 2017

By this point, I’m sure that, if you’re even remotely interested in the world of beauty, you’ve placed an order with the newest cult beauty brand on the block – Glossier. Their sleek packaging, no fuss formulas with functionality, and their brand rep that goes above and beyond when it comes to consumer experience – there really isn’t much reason to not eagerly await that millennial pink box to be delivered to your door. 

Like most of us I jumped on the Glossier website as fast as I could on that Monday afternoon after getting home from work, putting a few products straight into my basket. I could have very (very) easily ordered every single thing off that website, but showed a little restraint and narrowed it down to just the 5 products that were at the very top of my list. They have all quickly made their way into my daily essentials list so despite only using them for a short time I feel qualified to give them a fair review.

I’ve always been more excited by Glossier’s makeup as opposed to their skincare which is definitely reflected in this first order. One of the products that I was most interested in was the Stretch Concealer. A creamy and lightweight concealer that is super blendable, sinking into the skin like a dream. This is not the most heavy duty concealer out there, but it does a great job at covering up just the right amount so that your complexion is perfected while still looking like skin.

The duo of Haloscope and Boy Brow is a great way to save a few pennies and get two great products, luckily I wanted both of the products anyway so it was the perfect duo. I got Haloscope in the shade Quartz and Bow Brow in Brown. Haloscope is a great highlighter for people that want a really dewy, almost wet appearance rather than straight up shimmer. Boy Brow has earnt its cult status, it makes my eyebrows look so much bushier than they even were before, perfect for the days when I want to go more minimal with my makeup.

I also picked up the Milky Jelly Cleanser; the perfect double cleanse product to make your skin squeaky clean. It’s nice and gentle but tough on any traces of makeup remaining from your first cleanse. Then I just had to pick up a tube of the infamous Balm Dot Com, a multi-tasking balm that does wonders for my chapped lips. 
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