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The Morning Eye Rescue

September 02, 2017
Picture me. Early morning, after saying I would go to sleep early the night before, instead, staying up far too late reading Game of Thrones fan theories, my under-eyes are looking tired af. To say the least. It’s just not a good situation, it’s going to take a whole lot of concealer to make me into somewhat of a human from a tired panda-eyed thing.

But since my newest under eye related discovery I have been able to cut down on the concealer while still looking awake and refreshed. Enter, Origins GinZing Eye Cream. The one thing every tired human needs to put on their eyes in the morning.

It’s super moisturizing and hydrating but is also extremely refreshing and makes my eyes feel a whole lot more comfortable. As well as that it’s kind of peach tinted to help color correct your purple bags, and tiny bits of shimmer to highlight and brighten your eyes which help to make you look super awake and radiant. Is this not everything anyone could want in an eye cream?

Even on the days when I’m wearing no makeup and my under eyes aren’t looking so bad, I will always pop a little bit of this on to make me look fresher and awake, almost like strobing for your eyes – just swiping on a little of this really does change your whole face. Going from dull to ta-dah in a matter of seconds.

This eye cream is truly a must-have for anyone wanting to look more awake in the morning. Isn’t that all of us?

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