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A Minimalist Brow Approach

September 27, 2017

My whole makeup routine has started to take more a minimalist approach, my once signature cat eye has been abandoned and heavy contour is a thing of the past in my daily makeup menu. But one thing that never got the whole minimalist treatment was the brows. As someone who has perpetually unruly brows, I have relied heavily on different waxes and gels to keep my brows in place.

Having now accepted the unruly nature of my brows and learnt to just let them be I’ve managed to narrow down my brow routine to just two key products that both shape them and keep them in place for at least a little bit.

I’ve never been one to use brow pencils by the Sephora Brow Pencil completely changed my mind on them, not too creamy but not too firm that it becomes hard to create a smooth and precise line. And the price, along with all the Sephora own-brand products, are super affordable. They also do a great range of colours, my problem has always been that I can’t get a brow pencil cool enough to blend in with my natural brows, but Sephora has done a great job in creating colours that really cater for more people, thumbs up for sure!

Then to really keep everything in place I use the Rimmel Brow This Way Brow Gel. Not only does it make sure my brows stay put, but also makes them look super fluffy – something I am totally on board with as it gives them more bushy vibes and we all know that big brows are in and not going anywhere soon.

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