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Why do We Use Facial Sprays?

August 30, 2017
facial sprays french pharmacy

I have been a firm advocate for the facial spray movement for the longest time, I pretty much tell everyone that they just need to hurry to a French pharmacy and pick up the first thermal water they lay their eyes on and keep it on them at all times if they want to do anything to help their skin. But really, when you really think about it, they really are nothing more than glorified water in a can – talking about the thermal water sprays in particular. So why do we use them so religiously? Do we really need to be spraying water on our faces numerous times a day to lock in the moisture? This led to some avid googling which left me, a self-proclaimed water spray expert, feeling a little dumbed-down.

So, thermal water sprays like the ones you see in the French pharmacies are not just meant to be sprayed onto your face and left to work its magic, and if you do just leave it you run the risk of actually drying out your skin. You’re recommended to either pat down the spray with a towel to get rid of any moisture or put something like a moisturizer on over top to seal the water in. So despite using these to moisturize and hydrate your skin, you may actually be doing the complete opposite.

This is talking about the thermal water sprays alone, there are so many other facial sprays which amazing ingredients that are meant to be just sprayed and then left alone. My favorite being the Mario Badescu Facial Spray as it calms my skin down when it’s starting to flare up and keeps everything cool and refreshed.

So this opens the question, why do you use facial sprays? Are you looking for the little pick-me-up throughout the day, for a makeup refresher, or simply to add a little more hydration to your dry skin? For me, I love how refreshing it feels, and the added bit of moisture it gives.

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