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The Three Products You Need For Perfect Hair

August 20, 2017
ouai morning after kit haircare

How Ouai managed to maintain my unruly locks.

Ouai has been pretty much dominating the hair world recently, I'd be shocked if there was anyone reading it hadn't heard of the cult brand. I follow Jen Atkin on snapchat and she completely sucked me into trying some of her products.
So, not being one to go in and buy the full-size product straight away, I picked up the Morning After Kit that contains mini versions of; Rose Hair Oil, Finishing Creme, and Dry Shampoo Foam

ouai morning after kit haircareThe two main products from Ouai that I was really eager to try was the hair oil and the dry shampoo foam, so this kit was the perfect thing for me - and for just under £20 I think it's a pretty good deal.

Finishing Creme: Because my hair is pretty thin it tends to be a little unruly and hard to make stay in place - the constant windblown look is something I have just learnt to deal with as my hair never stays in place. But this is the perfect product to smooth down my hair and make it far more easier to maintain without weighing it down.

Dry Shampoo Foam: This was the product that I was most excited for but also most sceptical about. My hair gets mega-greasy so I am a frequent user of dry shampoo, and the thought of dry shampoo in a foam just doesn't really add up to me. But I can put my hands up and say that I was wrong to doubt this as it really does get rid of the grease in my hair and makes it feel clean and fresh. It also doesn't leave the same dry feeling that normal dry shampoo usually leaves your hair, definitely a game changer.

Rose Hair and Body Oil: I have just recently got into using oils on my hair so this couldn't have come at a better time. The smell is slight, so not too overpowering which I definitely appreciate. It makes my hair soft and sleek, while keeping it healthy. 

Have you tried any Ouai products?


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