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My Final Thoughts on Cushion Foundations

August 02, 2017

Spilling all on the latest foundation trend

I'm quick to jump on just about any beauty trend that makes its way out of the woodwork and anything base-related is always going to be right up my street. So it wasn't long before I delved into the world of cushion foundations, and after a few months of use, it's time to discuss my final thoughts.

Just in case you've been living under a rock for the past year I'll give a little context to the elusive cushion foundation. Brought over by innovative Korean friends, cushion foundations are the on-the-go dream - a sponge soaked in foundation housed in a compact to take anywhere with you. 
Without going into detail on specific products I'll go over my thoughts on cushion foundations as a whole. Are they are a great idea, hell yes. They are the perfect product to chuck in your bag for touch-ups throughout the day, and having a pre-soaked sponge just removes all the hassle and mess associated with traditional foundation formulas. But the problem is, is there really much difference than just taking any old foundation and soaking it in a sponge? Cushion foundations are undeniably more expensive than your normal foundations, holding less product and the bulky packaging doesn't make it the best value product on the market. And if you're planning on using this as your daily foundation you'd get more bang for your buck just getting a normal foundation which is one of the main reasons I won't be continuing to invest in more.

I've found that with all the cushion foundations I've owned they dry up pretty quickly, maybe getting just over a month of use - and that's without using it every day. This is a big annoyance for me as I don't normally like to keep a huge stash of bases on the go so don't want to have to repurchase foundation every month when the previous has dried up. Along with the problems I mentioned above, things just weren't going well for me and cushion foundations.

On the whole, I absolutely love all the cushion foundations I've tried, the coverage is solid but extremely lightweight on the skin. To be used solely as a touch-up product this would be great. But it just dries up too quickly that I would just rather buy a normal foundation to save some money and for it to last a little longer.

What are your thoughts on cushion foundations?

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