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Discovering the Endless Uses of Coconut Oil

August 23, 2017
Because who doesn't love a good multi-purpose beauty product?

I feel like pretty much everyone constantly raves about the wondrous product that is coconut oil, and in attempts to become a little more au naturale with my approach to beauty, this multitasking gem was one to add to the kit. 
There are so many different uses for coconut oil, but really I just love using it for all over moisture. I use it on my hair to keep the ends soft and smooth, on my hands when they are feeling dry, cuticles etc. you name it, I moisturise it with coconut oil. As well as that I love using it to remove my makeup, I have always been into oil-based cleansers so it seemed only natural that I would love to use this as well, it removes makeup just as well as the pricey products I seem to spend all of my money on.
Whether you want straight coconut oil or have it infused with other ingredients, I've compiled a list of coconut oil product no matter your taste.

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