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A Fake Tan Discovery

July 06, 2017
solait dry oil fake tan superdrug
As a serial fake tanner on a budget, I have tried my fair share of affordable fake tans. But this has been my most favourite discovery to date.

I am super pale, along with that my skin burns insanely quickly. When I say quickly I mean, I was in Mykonos and laid on the beach for an hour and managed to get the worst sunburn ever which put me out of tanning action for the rest of the trip. So yeah, fake tan is pretty much my only option at this point. But I see this as more of a blessing in disguise as it means no damage for my skin.

Normally I have always stuck with mousse self-tanners, it's what I know and feel comfortable using, and they have served me well over the years. But after running out of my last bottle when I went in to pick up another it had sold out, which lead me to the Solait Dry Oil Tan. I picked it up on a whim just to see what it was like and I have fallen in love.

It's extremely easy to apply, just using your usual fake tan mitt but the results are so good. I think that because it's an oil it doesn't go patchy as it moisturises your skin. And as someone who can be a bit lazy on the exfoliation front, this is a lifesaver. I come out with a really natural colour that lasts for a good amount of time. It's even, fades away nicely - just everything that I could ask for in a fake tan.

If you're on the hunt for a new fake tan, this is definitely one to try. And for only £4.99 (plus I think it is currently reduced) it's a no-brainer.

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