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May 07, 2017
favourite beauty products

It's been a while since I have done any sort of 'favourites' post, at least when it comes to makeup - I have been trying out a bunch of new makeup recently, as well as rediscovering some old favourites. Here are some of the highlights of the last month in the world of makeup for me.
Tartist Pro Glow To Go Highlight and Contour Palette:
I've always been so dead loyal with the Mary Lou Manizer highlighter, up until last month when I started to expand my horizons in the highlighting world. My most noteworthy foray into this has been this Tarte palette; housed in perfect matte black and gold packaging (because let's be real, could you imagine Tarte ever coming out with sub-par packaging?) you get three powders, two highlights and one bronzer. I really love the bronzer to start with, but be warned all those pale skin; it is pretty warm so be careful not to go in too heavy handed with the application of this. The two highlighters are super pretty; the shade 'burst' in the middle is a very yellow-toned highlighter that is pretty powdery and pigmented - I can imagine this not working too well on darker skin tones as it really is noticeable on the skin. The shade 'gleam' however is perfect, it gives the perfect highlight to the cheekbones with an amazing wet-look to it.
Maybelline 'The Falsies' Push Up Drama Mascara
This is one of those products that you start out hating, leaving it alone for a while, then by chance one day use it again and figure out you were wrong all along and you now love it. I probably used this mascara maybe once when I first got it and found it way too clumpy and thick. Maybe now that it has dried down a little it has become a lot easier to work with. This mascara delivers some serious volume, definitely living up to the false lash-like effect that it promises. That being said you do have to be a little careful with application to avoid it being overly clumpy, I find that you have to focus a little more on really brushing through the eyelashes instead of it being a speedy application. But if you take a little extra time this really looks beautiful on the lashes.
Makeup Revolution Radiant Light Powder:
Supposed to be an Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder dupe, I've found that this highlighter works so well as a bronzer on my pale skin. It's radiant without being full of glitter so applied on the cheeks it gives a beautiful natural glow that's not too dark and pigmented - making it perfect for the days when I don't really want to wear too much makeup. For anyone who has darker skin this would make a beautiful highlight, but luckily for us pale girls, it doubles up as an awesome bronzer.
Kiko Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick - Dark Taupe:
I love these speedy one-swipe eyeshadow sticks, they make everything so much easier and quicker. In particular the Kiko shadow sticks are one of my favourites. They are creamy and easy to blend out while remaining pigmented. My favourite colour is dark taupe which is a rich brown with a little bit of shimmer, it works so well on it's own so its perfect for the days when I am in a rush,
BellaPierre Cheek and Lipstain - Coral:

I have never been a coral kind of girl, I've always gone for the nude pinks when it comes to lips and blushes but since trying this product out my mind has been completely changed. This is such a gorgeous coral shade which really complements my pale skin and pulls together an entire look effortlessly. It is creamy and hydrating and doesn't apply patchy to either the cheeks or the lips. This is a winning product and its multi-tasking ways makes it a handbag essential for sure.

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