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April 12, 2017
tarte makeup haul shape tape concealer

Tarte has long been one of my favourite makeup brands, ever since falling in love with their Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed after purchasing it in New York it's been a brand that I have admired from afar before it was available to be shipped to the UK. During a free shopping offer, I added to my Tarte stash and am falling in love with everything about this brand even more.

The main reason for my purchase was to pick up the cult-favourite concealer Shape Tape, a lot of products get hyped up but this product exceeds the hype of anything else. I feel like every Youtube video I have watched in the past few months has featured this product. And when everyone is talking, I can't help but listen. And this concealer really is as good as everyone says it is; full coverage, not cakey and creamy - what more could you want. Even after a few weeks of using it I would say that it is up there with my all-time favourite Urban Decay Naked Concealer. I have mine in the fair neutral shade and it is a great light and brightening colour that looks great under the eyes.

tarte makeup shape tape concealer contour highlighter

Because I couldn't just buy one thing I picked up the Glow to Go Highlight and Contour Palette which contains two powder highights and one powder bronzer. The bronzer is a very warm shade and very pigmented so I have to be careful not to go too overboard with this as it can tend to show up a little orange on my pale skin if I go in too heavy handed. The top highlighter is my favourite, it's so shimmery and almost wet looking when applied to the skin which makes it perfect for an intense highlight without looking way too obvious. The middle highlighter has quite a lot of pigment, rather than it being straight up shimmery it is quite a pale colour that shows up on the skin so it's not something that I would wear alone but mixed with the top highlighter it looks great.

tarte contour kit and highlighter palette

Finally just to get my order eligible for the free shipping I picked up a gift set containing two of their Tarteist Clay Paint Eyeliners and also a brush to apply them with. I found the application of these a lot easier than I expcted, the bend in the brush actually made it super simple to keep close to the lashline and see what you're doing - as well as creating a killer wing. I really love the black eyeliner but I feel like the shimmery brown shade doesn't have a lot of pigment. But this doesn't really matter much to me as I kind of like how un-intense it is as it pulls together a bronzey look really nicely without stealing all the attention.

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