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April 28, 2017

korean skincare essences origins original skin
How many of you have used an essence? More to the point, how many actually know what they are supposed to do for your skin.  I fall into the large category of not really knowing what an essence is and is not. Every day I diligently apply my essence hoping that it's going to work miracles and, although I believe when everyone tells me that it is a crucial part of my routine, I really don't know why.

You just need to type in 'What is an essence' into any search engine and you will be faced with a magnitude of results of people explaining the main skincare question we're all asking. A site I trust when it comes to all things K-beauty is Soko Glam, and so was the base of my investigation into the modern-day mystery that is the essence.
So in the most basic form, an essence is a concentrated formula that targets things like wrinkles, dull and aging skin. Basically, think of an essence as turning back time for your skin and making it appear far more youthful and healthy. This is down to the plethora of active ingredients housed in the watery formula that works to penetrate deep into your skin, making it far more effective than your usual skincare product.

The first essence that I explored was not really a good place to start, it was the Muji Sensitive All in One Essence, which left me feeling even more confused when it came to the topic of essences. This essence is all about calming down the skin with the help of ingredients like chamomile and rose - although this essence calmed my skin down and made it look less red, that was the extent of its effects. It really didn't do anything more than my usual calming toner would do. For a while after this I gave up with essences, thinking they were an unnecessary step.

But then enter the Origins Original Skin Essence Lotion, aka the product that lighted my love for essences. This did everything that everyone had promised me an essence would do; made my skin look more youthful, bright and hydrated. And I was officially sold on all things essence. I've noticed such a significant difference in my skin since incorporating this product into my routine, it's the cherry on top to make my skin look the best that it can be. 

My next step is to explore the world of real Korean essences, as if the Western take on the cult product is anything to go by I'm sure the K-essences are going to be amazing. Below are some links to other essences that, although I haven't tried, I have heard so many good things about.


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