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March 27, 2017
sheet masks hydraluron nuxe erborian

Sheet masks are having a moment right now, and boy is there a lot of them on the market now. From walking into your local Superdrug and picking up a sheet mask for a quid to emptying your whole wallet on a pack of high-end everything-infused masks. Whatever your budget there is a sheet mask for you.

Although part of me will always view sheet masks as an overpriced gimmick I can't help but continueing to add them to my basket every time one piques my interest in the aisles of Sephora. A sheet mask with snail slime in it? Sign me up, every time. They are a good way to test out new formulas and ingredients on your skin without having to devote yourself to a huge tub of face mask so in that sense they are good. But for me, I will always see them as an occasional treat rather than a daily skincare staple. That being said, here are some noteworthy sheet masks that I have been using recently.

the best sheet masks

Firstly is an old favorite that I still love and use, the Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Masks that use breakthrough 3D timed release hyaluronic acid - an ingredient that is oh-so-good for dry and dehydrated skin like mine. For when my skin is feeling dry, dull and in need of an intense shot of hydration this is the mask that I will go for as it leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth. When you have a big event or something that you want to look good for, this is the perfect mask to use before doing your makeup as it creates a hydrated base and allows for your makeup to apply so much easier and flawlessly.

Another mask that I have tried recently is the Erborian Blanc de Shot Mask. this mask is supposed to enhance your skin's radiance, illuminating your complexion and reducing the appearance of an uneven skin tone. These are always the kind of face masks that I reach for because I am all about glow-giving products, and because I've used these kinds of masks a lot I didn't think that this mask was as good as others I have tried, for example, the Sephora Pearl Mask. Upon removal, I just don't think that my skin looked any difference and especially from a single-use mask you want to see some kind of instant results but I didn't really see anything besides a subtle glow. So this isn't a mask that I would buy again which is a shame because I have heard so many good things about the Erborian brand so hopefully their other products will work better on my skin.

the best sheet masks hydraluron nuxe erborian

Finally, and the star of the sheet mask show, is the Nuxe Anti - Dark Spot Perfecting Mask which is one of the only sheet masks that I have ever tried that I can honestly say is amazing. This is a kind of similar idea to the Erborian mask in the sense that it aims to brighten and even out the complexion. But the difference with this is that you actually see results when you take off the mask. Now I don't really have too many expectations for a mask that is on my skin for 10-15 minutes, it isn't really much time to achieve anything mindblowing but with this mask my skin looked amazing afterwards. It looked so bright and glowing, I've really never seen anything like it. I didn't even need to wear makeup after because my skin looked so naturally healthy. If there is any mask that I reccomend you to try it would be this one, for once a sheet mask that actually works wonders!

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