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February 02, 2017
the best clay face masks

I do love a good clay mask. My skin is pretty sensitive and prone to breakouts so I always like to use a clay mask at least once a week to keep everything at bay as they work so well to unclog your pores and keep everything clean and detoxed. Today I'm running down all of my favourite clay masks and the different situations in which I would use the individual products as, despite what you may think, all the ones that I will mention have something a little different about them. (said every beauty obsessed person ever).

caudalie pixi origins loreal clay masksThe Old Favourite:

I think the first clay mask that I ever tried was the Origins Clear Improvements Mask. I feel like this is just an easy recommendation for anyone who's just dipping their toes into the world of clay masks. This is your most basic clay mask, the one that you put on your skin and upon removal, your skin feels refreshed and super clean. But the nature of clay masks means that your skin can feel a little stripped after use and find this is the case with this mask in particular but nothing that a thick layer of moisturiser will sort out. Whenever I get a freak breakout that I just want to go away - this will be the mask that I reach for first.

The Exfoliating Mask:

I think we can all say that we were pretty excited when L'Oreal released their trio of clay masks. And for me they were by no means a let down, in particular I loved the Pure Clay Glow Mask. As I have dry skin I find that I can get a lot of dry patches and uneven texture on my skin so normally I would need to use an exfoliator before using my masks but now the two steps have been combined for me in this product. After using this mask frequently I loved the results that I saw, my skin did look a lot brighter and the unwanted skin texture that had been bothering me was no longer as much of a problem.

my favourite clay face masks
The Detox Mask:

Out of the clay masks that I have been speaking about the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask is the least clay-like. It applies to the skin almost like a gel/cream and isn't thick and as hard to distribute as your average clay mask, that being said it does dry down like a normal clay mask would. Because of this your skin is left a lot smoother than you would expect, rather than stripping the skin and removing all the impurities this mask deeply cleanses the skin. I love this mask for the way it makes my skin feel afterward; clean, smooth, and refreshed. 

The Glow Giving Mask:
Give me anything in the Pixi Glow range and I'm sure that I'm going to love it. And the Glow Mud Mask is no exception for me, again this looks like your average clay mask but is a little thinner and smoother in consistency. Like the Caudalie mask this doesn't leave your skin feeling stripped and dry at all, it makes it feel so refreshed. With this mask I can definitely notice the glow-giving effects promised by the name. This is the newest addition to my clay mask wardrobe but definitely a new staple.


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