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February 06, 2017

Considering that I have just started back at Uni it seems fitting that I write this post about my favourite colour correcting products. Yay for sleepless nights, early mornings and studying... This semester I have so many 8am classes so you best believe these colour correctors will be a must-have for these mornings when I didn't have too much sleep yet still have to get up horribly early for class.

I first discovered the world of colour correcting when I tried out the Tarte CC Undereye Corrector and my life was changed. I've always struggled with the worst under-eye circles. No matter how much or how little sleep I get the under-eyes remain the same - at this point there is really nothing that I can do to get rid of them so using this became a game changer for me. Sure this isn't going to make your dark circles magically vanish but boy does it do a good job at making them a whole lot less visible. The Tarte corrector is quite thick and paste-like so setting it with powder is a must as this can crease really easily. The trick to this is to apply a very thin layer and build it up if you require. This is also the corrector that is the least colourful, for want of a better word, in the sense that this isn't in your face peach but just has a hint to help cover everything up nicely.

Another peach upgrade found me the Pixi Correction Concentrate , I received this in one of the Love Me Beauty boxes and have loved it ever since. This is the amped up version of the Tarte Corrector, it has a lot more peach in it which makes it counteract the purple shades of your under eyes a lot better. It's also less thick in texture which makes it sit underneath makeup easier and crease-free.

But my favourite of all colour correctors has to be the Urban Decay Naked Peach Corrector, I have been a fan of the Urban Decay Naked Concealer for a while so when I heard the news they were bringing out colour correcting products in the same formula I knew that they were on to a winner, and there was no disappointment here. This product is straight up peach in colour, this isn't subtle so make sure you blend it out well and set before putting concealer on over top. This stuff does the best job at making my purple dark circles almost vanish after a swipe of this finished with concealer.

Colour correction 101; less is most definitely more. You see all of these photos online of people looking like a clown with orange triangles under their eyes and yellow all over their face. Just not necessary. For me personally, I like to take a few dots of the colour corrector and put it right where the darkest points of my dark circles are, blend out with my beauty blender or brush then set with powder. And there you have it, perfectly corrected and concealed under eyes!

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