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January 19, 2017

For me, whenever I get off a plane my skin feels the lowest of the low, no matter how short or long the flight is I always leave with skin that resembles a desert. Case in point, a quick trip to Madrid for five days, a total of 5 hours on the plane left my skin in the worst condition it has been in for months. My skin was screaming out for something both detoxing to whip everything into shape but also something that puts hydration back into my dry skin. This is where the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Detox Kit comes in.

Housed in this handy kit you get 4 products that are everything you need for a complete facial detox. I picked this kit up from my local TK Maxx on sale for £13 so if you can find it where you are it's perfect but if not here is the run down on the products that are can't-live-without's and the ones you can easily pass up.

For me the star of the show is by far the Cucumber Gel Mask, I've had the sample size of this before so already knew that I loved this and this kit contained the full-size product. This is the perfect mask for when your skin is feeling irritated as the cucumber works to calm the redness and soothe the irritation. You can either use this like your average mask; applying it and leaving for 10 minutes before washing off with cool water, or you can apply a thin layer and leave on overnight. Personally, I use it both ways but lean towards using it as a usual mask in the mornings when my skin isn't looking too good. If you have sensitive skin that tends to get frequent reactions from using different products I could see this being your holy grail for calming your skin down back to normal. Don't let the high price tag put you off because the container is absolutely huge and you won't be going through it quickly, in fact, I still have the sample size I got months ago.

My second favourite product from this kit has to be the Bouncy Hydrating Gel which surprisingly was the thing I expected to like the least, mainly because it claimed to leave a matte finish on the skin. I always read the word matte and associate it straight away with drying which is something I certainly don't want, but I was so pleasantly surprised when I used this. The first thing to note is the weird texture of this, it's bouncy and almost elastic feeling but as soon as you put it onto your face it feels strangely moisturising. I wouldn't say that it makes your face feel matte but it does leave it feeling so moisturised and comfortable and works so great underneath makeup - in short, this product is just a winner.

One product that I think you can probably pass on is the Foaming Cleanser. I have never been a massive advocate for foaming cleansers in the first place, I find them stripping and drying on my skin, my usual rule is to avoid anything with the word 'foaming' in it. As far as foaming cleansers go, this isn't bad, it doesn't leave my skin feeling dehydrated and dry but that's about as much as I can say. I want a moisturising cleanser that leaves my dry skin smooth and moisturized and frankly this cleanser just didn't do that. There are so many other cleansers that I could recommend that work so much better than this and that are a lot easier on your purse.

Finally a hero product for tired under eyes; you put these De-Puffing Eye Cubes into the freezer, pop them into the small bag provided then hold them over your eyes and you tired puffy eyes will be fixed in seconds. The added cucumber in this product also leaves them feeling refreshed and hydrated. These are really great in those emergency situations when you haven't had enough sleep and want to look somewhat life-like. 

If you're looking to try out some of the Peter Thomas Roth products, this kit is definitely a good place to start before making the investments into the full sized produts. But for me you are worth just buying the mask as first priority and then the moisturiser as they are by far the stand out products for me.

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