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October 01, 2016

Keeping your skin moisturised should be on the same level as drinking plenty of water in my opinion. I have managed to get myself into the consistent routine of moisturising my skin day and night regardless of where I am and what I'm doing. Especially considering that I have dry skin, this is by far the most important step, but even for people who don't suffer with my desert-like skin should still be moisturising. Regularly moisturising is going to keep your skin looking youthful and healthy by retaining it's elasticity. Here are my three favourite moisturisers of the moment that can do wonders for your skin.

For Normal Skin: I always recommend the Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturiser to everyone, this is the kind of moisturiser that I could see everyone enjoying no matter your skin type. Its not too thick that it would make you greasy throughout the day but it is creamy enough that it will sink into the skin without making it feel tight or uncomfortable. Normally in the morning I will pair this with the Vichy Aqualia Serum to give a more intensive hit of hydration but even the moisturiser on it's own will do the job if you don't have the time to incorporate a serum into your skincare regime.

For Dry/Dehydrated Skin: As I have pretty dry skin a lot of the moisturisers that I pick up are obviously targeted towards my skin type, these two in particular have been my favourites as of late as they keep my skin so hydrated. The only thing is that they can both be a little thick and don't sink into the skin super fast, therefore these are the kind of products I would use at night or when I have a bit more time to spare in the mornings. The first being the Bioderma Hyrabio Riche Cream, this isn't super thick but you can definitely tell that it needs that little more time to fully sink into the skin which I'm totally okay with as it really works. I would say that this is the moisturiser that I would use when I'm looking for instant benefits. Then a new discovery is the SensiBiafine Riche Cream. Now this is something I pretty much only use at night because it is pretty thick which makes for a long wait in the morning before applying your makeup. You only need the smallest amount of this and it almost feels like putting a hydrating mask on your face. Trust me when I say that when you put this on in the evening you're going to wake up with insanely moisturised skin.

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