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October 13, 2016

If you're like me Natural Collection was probably the first makeup brand you got your hands on when you had money when you were younger. It's by far the cheapest brand on the high street but I never really gave it the time of day once I started earning my own money and got more familiar with expensive makeup brands. But I was digging through my makeup collection and was once again enamoured with the products I used to love so much. 

I feel like a few years ago the Peach Melba Blushed Cheeks did the rounds and so many bloggers were reviewing it and obviously I am easily persuaded and picked it up and it is such a great blush. It's so smooth and feels like it's a really high-quality product, when in fact it's only £1.99. This shade in particular, which is swatched at the bottom, is a beautiful nude peach shade that brings life to my pale skin and looks oh so flattering. It isn't too bright or out there so it pretty much goes with every makeup look you could imagine and the brown tones of it kind of makes it work like a bronzer and warms up the face. 

The stars of the show, in my opinion, are there Moisture Shine Lipsticks, these lipsticks are hands down some of my favourite lipsticks from the drugstore and the cheapest. Seriously, I own 5 of these lipsticks and love them all. They have a really large shade range as well with a tonne of beautiful shades but my two favourites are Coral Shimmer which as at the top and Fig Leaf. Coral Shimmer is the shade that I wore for my prom and it's an almost metallic pinky coral shade. Fig Leaf is the perfect grungey 90's nude shade with hints of brown and grey. They aren't the most moisturising lipsticks out there but they are by no means drying and because they aren't so balmy they do last well on the lips. All I know is that for £1.99 I am in love and can't complain. 

Have you tried any of the Natural Collection products? What are your favourites? 

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