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October 23, 2016
the body shop sleeping mask

At this point, I think you all know how in love I am with The Body Shop's skincare products. Their Camomile Cleansing Oil is probably my most re-purchased product and my holy grail makeup remover, their Tea Tree Oil is my skin saviour - you get the picture. Recently I added another product from the brand to my skincare collection, the Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask. Inspired by the popular Korean sleeping masks I've already heard so many amazing things about, this sleeping mask was described to me by the sales assistant as 'overnight botox' and from that moment I was sold.

I want to start out by saying that the whole 'Drops of Light/Youth' ranges by The Body Shop are so cool. They have some really trendy products like essences, brightening serums and of course the sleeping mask, products that are hard to find for a good price and from non-Korean brands. This sleeping mask claims to fight the first signs of ageing as well as intensively cleansing your skin leaving you with smooth and refreshed skin when you overnight.


the body shop bouncy sleeping mask drops of youthThe first thing to note is the texture, it's unlike anything I have ever used before. It's kind of like memory foam in the sense that you can use it over and over again without ever making a dent because the product always mould back together. This makes it pretty hard to scoop out the product with your fingers but luckily it comes with a spatula to make it all easier. So, after cleansing I scoop some of the product out and apply a thin layer of it to my face. I made the mistake of being too generous with the product when I first used it and found it to be so sticky and uncomfortable to sleep with, but I learnt from my mistake and now know that a thin layer is the way to go. It dries down almost completely to the point where it doesn't feel like there's a layer on your skin but at the same time you know something's there - if that makes any sense at all.


When I woke up I definitely noticed a difference in the look and feel of my skin - hooray! Finally, a mask review where I love the mask. My skin looked noticeably brighter and felt smooth and cleansed to the touch. I use it about twice a week and I have loved the results so much, it makes my skin baby soft and ready for my skincare and makeup. Because you don't need to use a lot of it this large jar is going to last you for ages so you're really getting your moneys worth. I have dry skin and think it works great for my skin type but I can also see people with oily skin loving it as it really cleanses your skin but isn't intensely hydrating or greasy - it's an all over winner.

Have you tried this product or any other sleeping mask before?

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