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September 27, 2016

So, what's new; I'm queueing up to pay in Sephora and then I find something in the aisle of doom that I just can't leave the shop without. I know, I know, I have 0 will power when it comes to all things beauty. This time it was the Ettang Modelling Pack Mask that caught my eye. The first thing that initially drew me to the mask was the fact that it was a powder, I have mainly stuck to the orginal cream-like masks and sheet masks but never really ventured out into different types of masks - mainly because you just don't really see them in shops. 

So this is a peel off rubberised mask. I picked up the Yogurt version of the mask because it was supposed to have a soothing and lightening effect which sounded like it would be ideal for my dull skin. What you do is pour water into the little plastic container that the powder is in, up to the line where there is an indent in the packaging. Using the spatula provided you mix it up and apply it on your face, leaving it on for 15 to 20 minutes then peel it off. So first thing to note is that it comes with a ton of product, if I were to buy it again I would pour half of the powder into another container to use another time. It's also best to add a bit of water in at a time as if you put it in all at once things can get messy. When you have the water in you need to mix and put it on your face ASAP because it turns into a dry rubber consistency pretty quickly. You need to put a fairly thick layer of this product on your face as well in order to be able to peel it off. I put it all over my face and still had half a container of the mask left and because it all dried up I had to throw it away which was a shame.

When I peeled this off my face it felt kind of wet on the side that was against my skin, I'm guessing this was just heat from my face while I had the mask on but, I don't know, it wasn't the nicest thing. At the sme time my face was also pretty dry upon removal of the mask, which always worries me after using a mask because it makes me think that it wasn't doing anything. Another thing is that it really easily peeled off my face, almost as if it wasn't attatched to my skin at all, which, again, kind of puts me off. I didn't really notice any instant benefits of using this mask, I would say that my skin looked a bit brighter but nothing amazing. The whole experience of having the mask on wasn't exactly pleasant either - it kind of was gloopy and started falling off my face which was messy.

I hate to give another negative review on a face mask but much like the Snail Sheet Mask I spoke about a few posts ago, I would say this product is a bit of a novelty product. Yeah it's cool and different to what I would usually use but are the results any better? Not really. That being said I have heard so many good reviews about other rubber face masks so I am not writing off rubber face masks as whole, I just didn't think this one was anything special. It was also a lot of effort and mess required for some pretty meh results. I definitely want to try the Lindsay Collagen Modeling Mask as I have seen some pretty good reviews for it, let's hope it will be better than the Ettang counterpart. 

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