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September 07, 2016

Yes, you read the title right. This post is indeed about the time I willingly put a snail mask onto my face - the price of beauty ay? So I know what you're thinking, snail on your face? Surely this isn't a thing. Or if you're familiar with K-beauty then you probably know all about snail infused products and the benefits of incorporating them into your skincare routine.

The Mask.

So for the facts, this mask is the Tony Moly Age-Defying Snail Hydrogel Sheer Mask - a bit of a mouthful. The mask is made from snail secretion and the benefits of this is that it revitalises and moisturises the skin. As well as that this mask also forms a protective moisture barrier which is exactly what you need if you have dry skin. It also firms and illuminates the skin while protecting the skin from environmental damage. I mean this mask claims to do a lot and if it works it would be a wonder product.

So first off this mask was very different to any sheet mask I had used before. First thing I noticed was that you kept it on your face for 20-30 minutes which is a lot longer than your usual 15-minute sheet mask. Which does make sense because surely the longer you keep the mask on more the more it can work. Also this mask came in two separate pieces; one that covers the nose and forehead and the other bit goes over the cheeks and chin. Another thing to note is that this mask is actually really slimy, I know it's got snail secretion in it but I didn't expect it to be actually slimy. It was also pretty liquidy which meant that it kind of slid down my face while I was waiting for it to do its thing.

After around 25 minutes I took the sheet mask off and unlike any other sheet mask there isn't a tonne of residue left on the skin to massage in. I guess it just soaks into the skin during the 30 minutes it's on for. 

The Results.

So when I took the mask off apart from noticing the lack of residue on the skin I noticed that my skin didn't feel as amazing and soft as it does when I usually remove a sheet mask. I'm used to getting that instant glow but my skin looked pretty much matt. My skin did feel pretty plump to the touch but I wouldn't say it felt overly smooth and hydrated which I was a little disappointed by. Yes, my skin felt good, but did it feel great? Not at all. This mask didn't break my skin out or cause any negative consequences for my skin but I wouldn't say I have found a holy grail face mask.

Overall I probably wouldn't go out of my way to repurchase this sheet mask. It cost €8 which is double the price of the Sephora sheet masks which I think are ten times better than this. It was a nice novelty mask to try and I still want to try some other snail products as the ingredient sounds great for the skin. But for this mask in particular it just didn't really do anything to write home about.

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