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September 19, 2016

Upon moving to France a few weeks ago one of the first things I was to discover was that I didn't look a thing like the cliché French girl. There I was with my crop tops, contoured cheeks and winged eyeliner. Safe to say I felt like I was sticking out a little bit. Now I have learnt to tone down my makeup a lot, I started going for the natural and dewy look pretty much straight away and I am shocked to say that my contour powders haven't been used in weeks. And, adding to that, I am really enjoying the new look, my skin has been getting a lot better and also my lay-ins have been getting a lot longer due to the fact I'm not spending half an hour plastering makeup onto my face.

Normally I will just go with any light to medium coverage foundation but today, in particular, I just went for the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream as it evens out my skin tone perfectly. It doesn't really cover anything at all so I will go back in with my Sephora High Coverage Concealer on areas where I need it which will just be under my eyes and dabbed onto any blemishes that may have popped up. Now some days I will put bronzer on but today I was trying out strobing so just used the Collection Speedy Highlighter on my cheekbones and down my nose to give me that much needed glow.

To finish off this super simple look I just ran some of the Maybelline Brow Drama Brow Mascara through my brows to keep them in place and put a bit of colour into them. I've also been putting this on my eyelashes as well as I haven't been feeling the need to go in with a thousand coats of my usual jet black mascara.

Et voilà! That is all that I've been doing makeup-wise probably for the majority of my weeks. Especially on the days when I have 6 hours of lessons in a row (which happen more frequently then I would have liked) when there is no way that I'm going to be sat with a full face of makeup on. Slowly I am incorporating a more French style into my makeup routine - now it's just time to go raid Zara to work on my wardrobe!

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