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September 03, 2016

If you know anything about me and my makeup inclined ways you know that I am pretty much obsessed with the Tarte blush in Exposed, your basic nude blush that I try not to use everyday. In short nude blushes are the ones I reach for, they go with everything and just compliment any makeup look you could possibly think of. But I'm trying to change my ways and delve deeper into the blush realms and go for blushes that aren't just plain nude shades.

So I've picked out two blushes from my collection that have been a bit underloved due to the fact they don't fall into the nude category that I never stray away from but I've been using them recently and I think I may have been converted to a more adventurous way of life when it comes to blush, well for the mean time anyway,

My first pick is the NARS Blush in Deep Throat. I feel sad to admit that this has been unloved because I was so excited to get it a few months ago but after a few weeks it fell to the back of the shelves only to be brought out never again and never been upgraded to the top shelf. This is a soft pink shade with a golden sheen which isn't too out there but really livens up the face and just looks good. Compared to the cult favourite Orgasm this is a bit more toned down and natural which is why I chose this shade. I really should use it more than I have because it does look really good on my pale skin.

Secondly I have the L'Oreal Le Blush in the shade Sandalwood Pink. This is a more pale pink shade with shimmer running through it. When I think of a rosy glow this is the kind of colour that I imagine. It isn't too bright or too pink, it just looks perfectly natural on the cheeks which I love. These blushes are pretty pigmented so although it is a lighter pink shade if you go in too heavy handed you can end up looking a little clown-esque so make sure to tap the excess product off your blush before putting it onto the cheeks.

These are two pink blushes that I feel can be carried through summer to winter without a problem. Neither of them are overly bright and out there but at the same time are not dark and only winter appropriate. When you're having a natural makeup day try throwing on an adventurous blush on to completely change up your look.

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