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September 11, 2016

I'm always drawn to things it kits, the inner minimalist in me likes everything to be in one place. Don't get me started on the Benefit boxes because they are everything to me. But when it comes to eyebrows I think it just makes sense to have those kits that are one-stop-shops for all things brows. Unlike the other features on your face your brows take a bit more work and require more than 1 product to get them looking perfect so for convenience it's just so much better to have it all together.

I have tried quite a few of the budget brow kits that you can find in the drugstore and today I have one brow kit that I love and have pretty much almost finished. And then one kit that I'm really not all that fussed about.

The kit that I don't really care for is the Seventeen Brows To Go Kit, and there's quite a few reasons why I am not really that into it, the first being the packaging. It's so unnecessarily bulky. For 3 small little brow waxes and powder, a brush and an eyebrow pencil, this thing is pretty big. This makes it annoying to travel with and takes up waaaay too much space in my makeup drawers. Aside from the packaging the products aren't all that great either. I threw the pencil away straight away because it just wasn't good, the shade was completely off and the consistency just wasn't what I wanted for my brows. The wax in it has virtually no pigment to it and is very hard to apply to the eyebrows. The shade in the middle is okay, it's pigmented but it just looks so weird on my eyebrows - the colour is a million miles away from my natural shade. The only thing I love in this palette is the highlight shade, it's a really pigmented cream shade with soft shimmer to it. It really highlights my eyebrows so well and I even use it as an eyeshadow sometimes. But it still doesn't save the whole palette, I've had this for quite a few months now and as you can see it's barely been used.

Seventeen Brows That! - Barry M Eyebrow Kit - Seventeen swatches on the bottom, Barry M on top

Now for the Barry M Brow Kit which has been my favourite drugstore brow kit for the longest time. I have almost finished my second kit of it, so you could say I have fallen pretty hard for this stuff. Unlike the Seventeen kit this palette is a whole lot more streamlined when it comes to packaging, I will say it's a little flimsy but I believe they've re-packaged it now to make it a little more sturdy. This kit comes with a wax that is so pigmented, on my lazy days I can easily get away with just putting this through my brows. To be honest it's more like a pomade than a wax because there's so much pigment. The shadow in the middle is a great shade for my eyebrows, it's a little bit dark but I use it on the ends of my brows that just use what's left on the brush at the start of the brow so it doesn't look crazy dark and I like more of a gradient fade throughout my brow. The only thing that isn't great is the highlight shade, it's not as shimmery as I would like and it's a little darker than I wold prefer for my super pale skin. Aside from that, this kit is the best drugstore eyebrow kit that I have found for myself so far, Barry M you have created a winner.

What are your favourite eyebrow kits?

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