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September 17, 2016
No matter how tight I am for money I always find some way to buy beauty products. Case in point, I have just moved to France where I pretty much spend all my money on rent every month but that doesn't stop me from hitting up the French pharmacies and Sephora - plus a sneaky Superdrug purchase before I even got here, woops.

Although I love my Mary Lou-Manizer to death I was on the look out for a new highlighter, in particular a liquid highlighter seeing as my only foray into the liquid world of highlighter thus far has been with a High Beam sample. So obviously these GOSH Lumi Drops attracted me straight away, I picked up the lightest shade, Vanilla, but there's also a peachy and bronze shade. I got this to either mix into my foundation for an all-over glow or just using it as my highlighter - either way works great so far. But I will get back with a more in-depth review soon!

What do you do on your first day in France? Go to a pharmacy of course. I just couldn't stop myself from picking up this duo from Biafine. Despite being quite the fan of French skincare I have never tried anything from this cult brand. I went for the duo that contained the Soothing Cleansing Milk and the Rich Moisturizing Cream. I've incorporated the cleansing milk into my skincare routine as my second cleanse and the moisturiser as my new night cream as it's so rich and I love them both. They are so hydrating and leave my skin feeling so soft. 

Finally I made two cheeky Sephora purchases. I think you all know how much I love the Sephora Sheet Masks, I think they are the bomb and have quite a few stashed in my room right now to keep myself going for a while. But I haven't tried their lip masks before so I picked up the Shea Lip Mask which is supposed to protect and repair your lips, if it works anywhere near as good as the facial sheet masks I'm sure I'm going to love it. Continuing my face mask obsession I found this Ettang Modelling Mask which was so different to any face mask I have ever used before. It comes in a plastic pot and the mask is just powder, you add water to it and it basically turns into rubber which you then put onto your face. Could I be jumping on the bandwagon of the new mask trend? Maybe. I got the yoghurt version which is supposed to soothe and brighten dull skin which is just what I want in a mask so I hope it works!
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