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September 29, 2016

Being at Uni keeping organised is very high on my list of priorities right now. Especially because I am currently studying abroad and have to keep on top of Erasmus paperwork along with finding a placement, oh and the small matter of my studies as well. Before uni I was not the most organised person and even now I wouldn't class myself as being organised but when it comes to studying I would say I am able to keep on top of everything and keep it all in some type of order.

My first thing that I need is a planner. Like seriously if you don't have a planner just go out and get one because it will help you so much. I don't really use it too much in my personal life but I always write down all my homework and assignments down to make sure that I can get it all in before the deadline. I picked my planner up from TK Maxx - a place that is super underrated when it comes to stationary. They have so many great planners and notebooks that are a lot cheaper than other places. I prefer getting the ringed planners because they are so more user-friendly because they stay open!

Another option is using your laptop to become more organised, I know a lot of people who rely on the calendars on their computers to help keep them organised but personally this doesn't work for me. I like to be able to write everything down rather than using my phone or laptop to help me remember my important information. Saying that I do use a few apps on my Iphone to keep myself organised. The first being just the standard notes app that comes with your phone. I use this just to write down small bits of information that's important, I'll sometimes write this down into my planner when I have the time but I do find using my phone a lot easier to make small notes on especially when I'm on the go and don't want to pull out my bulky planner. Along with that I like the Reminders app if there's something I know I need to do in the next couple of days, I can just set a reminder to go off so I don't forget - I usually do this for things like reminding myself to transfer my rent over or send an email etc.

Something I have recently started doing is writing everything down, and I mean everything. I have special notebooks for different things; a passwords notebook, bank information notebook, a notebook to keep track of my spending. This comes in so useful as you can have all the information in one place, this is especially handy with passwords because I mean, come on, who can really remember all their passwords for everything? 

When it comes to being an organised blogger I really have no set organisation method. I kind of just take bulk photos and then when I have time I'll schedule them all for the upcoming week - and that's about it. I've planning out posts for the month but that's never worked for me as I always end up changing my mind and coming up with more ideas. 

What are you organisation tips?

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