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September 23, 2016
All you pale girls out there know the struggles of contouring. We all love looking contoured and faking those killer cheekbones that few are blessed with. But the problem with pale skin is that finding the right contour shade can be hard, it's all about finding a natural shadow-y shade to make everything look natural but when the majority of contour products are pretty dark and lean on the orange side it can be easy to fall into the realm of looking muddy. In my time I have tried numerous amounts of contour powders that just look down right awful on my skin. After many struggles and days of looking like I had smeared mud over my face I have found two products that give me that effortlessly natural contoured look.

Bottom: Collection Contouring Crayon, Middle: NYX Taupe Blush
The first product is a cult favourite among the 'pale-skinned community' and something I am sure you have all heard about, the NYX Blush in Taupe. This has been dubbed the best contour shade for pale skin for years now but it's only been recently that NYX has been readily available in the UK. I picked it up a few weeks ago and finally understand what all the fuss is about. I know they changed the formula and the shade's also been tweaked but nonetheless it is a perfect grey toned shade that creates such a natural shadow under the cheekbones. Now it baffles me how this would ever sell as a blush as I don't know of many people that have a taste for grey blushes but I digress. I apply this with my Real Techniques Contour Brush with a *very* light hand. The problem with using a grey contour is the fact that it is grey, you can very quickly go overboard with this, because put too much on and your face is just going to look weird. You only need a small amount to give you the contoured look you're after and then you can just rely on your usual bronzer to bring some life and colour back to your face.

The next product that I have to share with you is not quite as grey toned as the previous but can be used by itself to both contour and bronze your skin. The Collection Precision Contouring Crayon is a light brown shade that doesn't lean on the orange side at all, it's very much neutral. This is a cream product as opposed to the NYX powder so I like to draw it on my face straight from the crayon and then use a makeup sponge or dense brush to blend it all out. I find that this is kind of your one-stop-shop for all things contouring and bronzing. It is neutral enough to sculpt out your cheekbones but is also the right shade of bronze that adds colour to your face at the same time. Normally I will put this on my cheekbones and forehead and blend it out a lot with my sponge and then go in again, this time being far more precise, for a sharp contour. This is just a great budget product that really works and although it isn't as intense as the grey toned taupe blush it still does the job and is what I would go for on a more natural day. 

So if you are new to the whole contouring trend I would say go for the Collection stick as opening the NYX blush that is straight up grey would be very intimidating, but for a contouring pro it's just the thing that you need. Both are such affordable products that are available in Boots so you can't go wrong!

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