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September 15, 2016

I've been trying out quite a few products recently, I feel like I'm constantly trying out new products but rarely find ones that I love. But I have got some real gems that have quickly made their way into my makeup routine, basically this post is a 'favourites' of new products. 

BOURJOIS CITY RADIANCE FOUNDATION: During the summer I always go for foundations that are slightly more light when it comes to coverage. It also helps if the products got that hint of luminosity to it because we all know that this girl loves to glow. The City Radiance foundation is both of these things, it evens out my skintone and has a light to medium coverage but also gives this beautiful dewy effect that looks so natural. Along with having SPF 30 it also has an anti-pollution screen that reduces the presence of carbon particles on the skin - perfect for all you city dwellers.

HYDRALURON MOISTURE BOOSTING SHEET MASK: You may remember me writing a whole first impressions on these sheet masks in this post, so I won't go into too much detail. These are great sheet masks for people who have skin that craves a bit of moisture. Whether you use them in the evenings or the morning you're going to see results and those results are perfectly moisturised and plump skin. They really are great and just what my dry skin needs, especially now Winter is coming.

SEPHORA HIGH COVERAGE CONCEALER: I picked this concealer up on my last trip to Sephora on a complete whim. I was running low on my NARS concealer and wanted to try a more affordable option. I had never heard anything about this concealer before but upon swatching it I thought the shade match was good and the consistency felt nice. Fast forward a few weeks and I would say it's one of my favourite concealers, I would liken it to the Urban Decay concealer in the sense that it offers a high coverage but doesn't feel drying or thick on the skin. It feels comfortable all day and really gives my under eye circles the TLC they need - it's a winner! 

COLLECTION PRECISION CONTOURING STICK: Me and contouring aren't exactly pals, having really pale skin I've never found a contour shade that actually looks good on me. Most are way too dark for my skin and make me resemble someone who has just been punched in the face. This Collection stick is different though, shaped like a crayon you just draw it along the hollow of your cheeks and around your forehead and I like to blend it in with a dense brush. The formula is so great and has just the right amount of pigment that you can have it sheer or build it up for a more intense contour. Also for all you pale skinned girls the lightest shade has the perfect amount of grey tone in it to make you look perfectly sculpted without washing you out! For £3.99 I think you should just take my word for it and try it out for yourselves!

STILA SINGLE EYESHADOW IN JEZEBEL: Ah one of my most favourite TK Maxx finds, if you haven't found yourself walking the makeup aisles of this shop one too many times then you really should rethink everything. I have found some amazing bargains here, I'm talking NARS and Hourglass makeup, the Hydraluron sheet masks as well as this eyeshadow for under a fiver. I'm going to go ahead and say that this is the eyeshadow shade for Autumn. Does it not just remind you of Autumn leaves? I have no words other than 'perfect' for this eyeshadow!

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