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August 01, 2016
toni & guy hair products

We all love a budget hair product and one of my favourite budget hair brands has to be Toni & Guy. The salon feel of the packaging makes it feel a whole lot nicer than your average drugstore product but the low prices are something that we can all get behind.

As someone that suffers from incredibly thin, lifeless hair it was obvious that me and the 3D Volumiser were going to get along. This is a spray-in root booster to give your hair mega volume. I spray this onto my hair while it's dry before styling it. This gives me so much volume but doesn't feeling crispy or uncomfortable (as long as you don't spray too much as this isn't a hairspray- type spray it's a bit more liquidy). Long story short this is a great product for natural volume that doesn't feel like you have a ton of product in your hair.

A newer discovery is the Cool Defining Cream which is hair cream targeted at giving shine and moisture. This has tiny little shimmers in it which makes your hair look so shiny and glowy but not like, crazy glitter. I really like the way this makes my hair look and feel, I apply this to towel dried hair then style it however I want. This makes my hair feel so smooth to the touch and it just feels healthy y'know. Another plus to this product is that it smells sooo good, it kind of just smells like the nice hair products they use on you at a hair salon - so good!

Have you tried any products from Toni & Guy?

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