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August 26, 2016

I would need both my hands to count how many neutral eyeshadow palettes I have to my name, it's an addiction that I keep willingly funding hoping to find the one. I've stuck with drugstore options up until now allowing myself to experiment with some high end single eyeshadows to play around with. Saying that I have spent many a sleepless night debating between Naked palettes before shutting down my laptop telling myself 'do you really think you will use all of those shadows?' to that the answer is normally a no. So when I found the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette I knew I found the palette for me. A small tin box housing 9 perfectly neutral shadows with a mix of shimmer and mattes. For once I had a palette where I could confidently say I will use every one of the shades.

Too Faced have cleverly laid out the small but useful palette in a way that enables you to create three simple looks where you can follow along for a day, classic and fashion eyeshadow look. What I love is how they have made the more frequently-used shades larger so you don't have to worry about hitting pan on your standard cream shade before even making a dent in the others.

too faced natural eyes swatches

Starting at the top you have Heaven which is a matte cream shade, all you need to set your eye primer in place or use as a brow bone and inner corner highlight. Below this you have Silk Teddy; a shimmery light pink shade which I use all over the lid or mixed with Heaven as a highlight as it's a bit too pink to highlight on its own. Then at the bottom you have Nudie which is your standard crease/transition shade. I use this colour every single day, no matter the look. 

Onto the next row at the top is Cashmere Bunny which is the slightly darker counterpart to Nudie. You could use this on it's own as a crease shade or over the top of Nudie to darken up the look. Below is the stand out shade of the palette for me, Push Up. This is a warm taupe shade which has a hint of pink to it, this is my favourite lid colour and the pigment really makes it stand out. Then is Honey Pot, a straight up gold shade which is essential in any bronzed look.

too faced natural eyes palette

Onto the darker shades and the ones I am not so in love with. First is Sexpresso, a dark chocolate brown shade that blends nicely to darken up and intensify the crease for a more dramatic smokey look. Then we come to the two glittery shades; unlike Push Up, Honey Pot and Silk Teddy these two shades have straight up glitter in them as opposed to shimmer like the other shades. I don't know but something about this formula is just hard to blend and takes a bit more work. Erotica is a cool toned dark brown that is the easier to blend out of the two. Then is Chocolate Martini which is more on the warm side with gold glitter. I don't get much use out of this shade as a crease colour as it's near on impossible to seamlessly blend out. The use that I have found is to smudge these shades along my upper and lower lashline with a damp smudger brush. Using these colours damp makes the colour a lot more intense and also stops them from being so uneven.

Apart from the two darkest shades I am so impressed with these shadows, I reach for this palette every single day as it's super versatile and is all a neutral eye shadow lover could need. This palette is £32 and you can get it in Debenhams, Selfridges and Sephora.

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