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August 28, 2016

Could you imagine a Sunday pamper sesh without a sheet mask? Because I can't. They are the perfect skin pick-me-up, think of it like an intensive treatment shot for your skin. Put on the mask then walk away with healthier and happier skin in 15 minutes time. You can get a sheet mask for literally any skin concern you can think of, but for me it's all about brightening and hydrating. So when I saw this pack of Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Sheet Masks in TK Maxx for £6 I swiped them up as quickly as I could.

Promising to be the perfect solution to dry skin this mask aims to leave the skin feeling softer, smoothed and glowing. Pretty much this mask is targeting all my skin concerns in one. This sheet mask contains hyaluronic acid, a key ingredient to look out for if you have dry skin. This acid is naturally found in the body but what makes it so special is that it locks moisture in your skin and creates fullness - check and check. I think it's about time all you dry skinned girls added some of this into your skincare routine, just sit back and wait for the results.

Like your normal sheet mask you take it out of it's packet and place it onto your face, leaving it on for 15 minutes and then massaging the residue into your skin upon removal. My favourite thing about this mask is that you can really see immediate results which isn't always the case. As soon as I took the mask off for the first time I noticed that my skin looked noticeably glow-ier and felt really plump. Think of this mask like drinking a huge bucket of water - sounds like the perfect hangover remedy for you skin right. For me I find that this is the perfect morning quick fix. If I wake up after a night out or if my skin is just generally looking a bit lack lustre then this is the one thing that I will pull out and know that it's really going to sort my skin out.

So if you've been on look out for that perfect oh so easy sheet mask that actually works at repairing your dry, dehydrated skin then look no further because I've found you a real winner here. After using up all of the 4 masks in the pack my skin is not only looking great but feeling better than ever. My once dry skin is feeling smooth and hydrated without having to rely on those thick creams to deliver a kick of moisture. Indeed labs just take my money!

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