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August 12, 2016

rimmel lasting finish lipstick

My love for drugstore makeup is no secret, there is no better feeling than picking up a bargain and it working just as well as products with a much higher price tag. Although I am not much of a experimenter when it comes to lip products and seldom want to splash out the cash on high end products, I have found some pretty amazing drugstore lipsticks that are my go-to's.

My favourite line of drugstore lipsticks is hands down the Rimmel Lasting Finish lispsticks, in particular the Kate Nude Collection. Consisting of 5 shades this mini collection has all the lipsticks any nude lover would die over. Starting with 40 which is the lightest shade, a pale nude shade which even on my super pale skin doesn't make me dead and lifeless. 42 is another pale nude that has a lot of pink in, again this really suits my pale skin as I prefer pink toned nudes on my skin. 43 isn't a shade that I personally like as it's pretty orange toned but would look great on people who like that kind of shade. Then onto the stars of the show, and the two this post is dedicated too. 45 was my first foray into the Lasting Finish Lipsticks and I would go as far as saying this is my favourite of the bunch. A pink shade that is kind of cool toned and looks soo flattering on my lips. Something about the shade of it just gives life to my face without being too bright or out there. Then finally is 48, the least-nude of the nude collection but still isn't bright or anything.  I would say this is a straight up plum colour, perhaps with a hint of brown in it. Even though it's summer I've been wearing it all the time as it's just that little bit out of my comfort zone without being uncomfortable.

rimmel lasting finish nude collection

Now, onto the reason why I go as far as saying these are my favourite drugstore lipstick - aside from the adorable packaging. The formula. For an everyday lipstick I have to say that the formula is just absolutely spot on. This applies so easily to the lips and is just your average satin lipstick finish. Now these aren't matte lipsticks so don't expect them to be lasting all day long. But they do wear away so nicely without looking patchy or uneven after a few hours. They feel comfortable the whole time they're on your lips too, not making them feel dry or uncomfortable. It kind of just feels like you have a lip balm on which I love. All in all I just think they are the perfect formula of lipstick with an even better shade selection.

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