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August 18, 2016

colourpop ultra satin lip

I finally got my mitts on something from Colourpop, after months of jealousy over everyone hyping up their products I gave in and got one of their Ultra Satin Lips. I purchased mine from a website called which is a sister store of Rosesbeautystore, so if you're in the UK you get rejoice in the fact you can get Colourpop for only £1.99 48 hour delivery - yes! 

So I opted for the Ultra Satin Lips, pretty controversial considering how big their matte lips have become but the shade Echo Park was so up my street that I had to get it and I thought that the satin lip looked so pretty on the online swatches. I paid £11.99 which is more than you would pay on their actual website but for the cheaper shipping I think it works out to be a better deal. Echo Park is a warm peachy nude shade which looks so pretty even on my super pale skin. I feel like warmer toned lip colours look a lot better on me just because they bring a bit of life back to my dull skin and Echo Park is no exception.

ultra satin lip echo park

colourpop echo park swatch

The applicator of this liquid lipstick is a lot smaller in size compared to your average liquid lipstick which I absolutely love as it makes it a lot easier to get a precise line - something I still have not yet completely mastered. But the applicator does collect a lot of product which can be annoying as I really have to try and wipe off as much excess as I can before being able to use it otherwise it just gets messy. Apart from that it applies really smoothly and evenly with amazing pigment after one swipe. It doesn't dry matte obviously but doesn't feel glossy or sticky at all. It doesn't last as long as a matte lipstick, I would say a few hours of wear if you're not eating and don't expect it to last if you go out for a meal or anything. Another thing that I just want to note is that a few times when I have worn this I have found that it kind of collects and bunches up in the centre of my lips. Now this could just be where I was talking a lot but nonetheless it turned a weird orange shade so I had to wipe it away. So maybe this isn't the type of lipstick to wear for long periods of time or something that you can just put on and forget about. But apart from that little thing I am really happy with the liquid lipstick and would for sure buy another colour from the line.

colourpop ultra satin lips echo park

Have you tried anything from Colourpop?

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