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July 16, 2016
Essence makeup has never really been on my radar, I hadn't really heard about it nor was I familiar with any of their products. The only thing I knew was that I remember someone talking about one of their mascaras I few months back and that's how I recognised the brand in the aisles of my local Wilkinsons store. Now I know what you're thinking, Wilkinsons isn't really the makeup destination. I think they stock Rimmel and maybe Maybelline but that's the extent of it. One thing they have going for them in the makeup department is that they are the only place that stocks Essence, well as far as I am aware. So when I saw the large stand in Wilkinsons I thought I would pick up a few products as my first foray into the brand.

One of the first things that made it's way into my basket is the XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss, I think the idea of this intrigued me at first. It seemed to be like a liquid lipstick but then it's called a lipgloss. I got this in the shade Soft Nude and it's pretty much the same colour as my lips but a little bit more brown - which I love. I actually really love the finish of it as well, it's not very liquidy but not thick either - a happy medium. It goes on nice and smoothly and dries a little bit, doesn't go completely matte but isn't glossy. Basically if you want something that will last like a liquid lipstick but feels almost like a lip balm on your lips this is definitely something to try out. The only downside is the smell, I really don't like it. It's very strong and overpowering so I just try to hold my nose while applying it, once on the lips the smell completely goes away. 

Another thing that grabbed my attention straight away was the 2 in 1 Bronzing Powder in Sunkissed. This is mixture of a highlight and bronzer that you can use separately or mix together for a really glowy, bronzed look. I personally like to just swirl it all together as I really like the finish of it. This is a great bronzer for people with pale skin, as it's a really nice light bronzer that isn't too orange or dark. Especially when mixing it with the highlight shade you can lighten up the colour even more. This is probably my favourite pick of the products I got. The formula is a little chalky but I only really noticed this when doing my swatches, when applying it to the cheeks you notice a bit of fall out but just tap your brush to get the excess off and you'll be good to go.

A product that's already been mentioned around these parts is the Mono Eyeshadow in 08 Apricotta, this makes such a great highlight shade. It's a bit lighter than Mary Lou-Manizer which makes it an even better match for my skin tone. It's not mega glittery or pigmented so on it's own you're not going to get a really bold highlight, instead I have been layering it over other highlighters for an extra glow and for a better shade. For £1 you really can't go wrong and if you're like me and like to just do a quick wash of shadow over the lid for the daily makeup then these mono eyeshadows are so much more convenient on the go then a whole palette.

The final makeup item that I got is the Silky Touch Blush in Natural Beauty. I thought this would be a great blush for summer, it's the perfect shade - in between a blush and a bronzer. This is quite pigmented, and despite the name I wouldn't say this is the silkiest blush I have ever used but it definitely blends into the cheeks easily. Recently I have been liking the nude bronzed look so haven't been using any of my brighter pink blushes so this has been perfect. Again it's a little bit chalky which I noticed when I swatched it but on the cheeks you can't tell at all.

Lastly I got their Precise Eyeliner Brush, I needed something new to use for my brows and this looked perfect. It's really thin which makes doing your brows so easy and you can simply get a really precise arch which I found hard to do with some of my other brushes. This is definitely a new favourite!

I have been very pleasantly surprised by Essence makeup, considering the extremely low price point you really can't go wrong. They have a large selection of products and shades, something for everyone! I will be sure to pick up some new bits from them soon. Have you tried anything from Essence?
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