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July 22, 2016
skincare products

A few weeks ago I woke up and a horrible rash had appeared on one of my cheeks. Never had I experienced such a skincare dilemma, my skin on the whole is pretty clear. Sure I suffer from some redness and get the occasional red bump on my face but other than that I don't really deal with a lot of blemishes or irritation so this rash appearance had me stumped. But also gave me the chance to DIG my products for irritated skin out and put them to the test.

I have recently discovered a love for anything with glycolic acid, I have found that my skin reacts really well to it. So I first off used the Cadualie Glycolic Peel Mask to kick start my irritation treatment and try and start from scratch. This mask works like a peel and a scrub, getting rid of dead skin cells and basically pressing the reset button for you skin. So starting off with this mask was going to give my skin the head start it needed. I used the mask in the evening and then when I was ready to go to bed I applied the Effaclar Duo to the irritated area with a thin layer. This was always my go to product when I had pretty bad skin about a year ago, nowadays I don't really use it that much as I don't have a need to but if it worked a year ago it was sure to work now. To finish off I used the Time Bomb Derm Warfare Night Serum which has glycolic acid in it so it would get to work and treat my skin over night. This product promises to see you waking up with radiant and clear skin which made it sound perfect for what I wanted.

So the results were better than I could have imagined, the night after the majority of the bumps had gone and my skin was noticeably less red. That evening I followed the same steps again but instead of the Glycolic Peel Mask I used the Instant Detox Mask as I didn't want to over do the whole acid thing and wanted to just get rid of all the impurities by using the clay mask and get rid of what was left of the rash. The next morning my skin was pretty much back to normal, albeit a little red was still noticeable but nothing a light coat of foundation wouldn't cover up.

I still don't know what caused the rash, I hadn't changed up my skincare or anything and have continued with the same routine I was using before the rash so I don't know what happened. All I know is that I am totally ready for the next skin concern to come around as I know exactly what products will take care of it.

What products do you use when your skin starts to freak out?

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