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July 08, 2016
the best highlighters

I think it's safe to say we're all highlighter obsessed right about now, getting that perfect highlight is top of my priorities at the moment I don't know about you. Despite me calling myself a highlighter junkie I really don't own too many highlighters. I have Mary Lou-Manizer which is my holy grail highlighter at the moment, the thing that I would recommend to anyone and what you will find me wearing on most days. But on the whole I don't really have any other highlighters in rotation, but I am trying to throw some different products into the mix and change my ways.

The Collection Speedy Highlighter just has to be the easiest way to highlight, just swipe it over your cheekbones, blend it in with your fingers and you are all set. I really like the colour of it too, not too pale and not too golden. If you have pale skin like me you totally feel the struggle of having highlighters that are way too dark and golden to be used on the tops of the cheekbones. In the arm swatches the Collection stick is at the bottom. Plus for under a fiver you can't go wrong with this budget buy.

Another product that I have been enjoying highlighting with is one of the Essence Eyeshadows in Apricotta (08). I first picked this up because, one it was only £1 (!!) but mainly because I though it would be a really pretty inner corner shadow (which btw it totally is). I have found that my favourite use for this is for a highlight, I like to layer this over the Collection stick for the perfect shade but it also looks great on it's own. It's not the creamiest shadow ever but considering it's only a pound it's incredible. I have a whole post coming up soon about some new Essence products that I've been trying and spoiler alert so far, so good. This is swatched in the middle of my arm, just under Mary Lou-Manizer.

What are your favourite highlighters? I am thinking of getting one of the Becca highlighters but want some more recommendations!

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