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July 03, 2016

I have (un)officially claimed July to be the month of makeup experimentation, I am very safe when it comes to makeup. You don't see many colours around these parts, all nude makeup and black eyeliner is my daily makeup uniform - but this will change. I want to start breaking out of my makeup comfort zone because let's be real makeup is all about experimenting and trying out new things.

Today I bring the you the 'Copper Winged Eyeliner'. I feel like copper isn't the most daring colour for the majority of people but it is just outside of my neutral box so it's a bit of a change up. I started off by just putting the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Creme de Nude all over my lid, creating a blank canvas for the rest of the look. I put a bit of MAC Kid in the crease then proceeded with using MAC Cut To Fit for my wing. I just used an angled eyeliner brush and dipped it into water and then into the eyeshadow which makes the colour so much more pigmented. Then finished off with a couple coats of the Better Than Sex Mascara and we're done!


You could pretty much recreate this look with any eyeshadow that you want to, I really love this look as it's so different to what I would usually do with my makeup but it doesn't look too crazy - the perfect in between. How would you experiment with your makeup, bright lipsticks? A pop of colourful eyeshadow?
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