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July 26, 2016
drugstore makeup

So what's new, I've been shopping. For the past couple of months I haven't been going crazy with makeup, the last time I picked up anything new makeup wise was my trip to Sephora which was a month or so ago so I thought it was about time to add some new budget additions to my make up stash.

First off from Boots I couldn't resist the new L'Oreal masks, I am on a face mask kick right now so these were obviously going to be on my radar, plus for only a fiver you can't really say no. I picked up the Glow Mask which is used to exfoliate and brighten the skin. This little pot has three clays in it combined with red algae extract which together are supposed to make your face look glowy and bright. I have only used this once and what makes this mask different to any I have tried before is that it has little exfoliating beads in it so while you apply it to the skin you are exfoliating and it will do the same whilst you wash it off. I don't normally manually exfoliate on my skin, I normally use a chemical exfoliate so using this really buffs away any flaky bits from my face.

Then who can pass up a 3 for 2 offer at Superdrug. I am almost out of my NARS concealer and was looking for a budget friendly alternative to hold me over until I choose what concealer is next. I had heard so many people say that the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer is a dupe for the NARS one so I was happy to give it a go. I got the shade 15 which is weirdly lighter than the lightest shade. I feel like this isn't as thick as the NARS concealer and you don't have to be so quick blending in but the coverage isn't amazing so far. I also wanted to try out a new foundation as all my other foundations seem to be running out and I don't like using my Ultra HD Foundation on the daily because that was expensive so I picked up the Bourjois City Radiance Foundation. This is a skin protecting foundation that has a brightening effect, I thought this would be perfect for summer as it has SPF 30, it's light and makes me look glowy without being greasy - it's a winner. The coverage is light to medium but it's perfect for the hot weather as one layer of this will even out your complexion whilst feeling like you have nothing on your skin. Finally in the 3 for 2 offer I picked up the L'Oreal Le Blush in Sandalwood Pink which is a gorgeous rose glowy shade, perfect for the summer. It's one of those blushes that gives your face a healthy flush without being too bright or in-your-face. 

drugstore makeup

On a separate Superdrug dash I got the Makeup Revolution Radiant Light in Breathe, this is supposed to be an Ambient Lighting Powder-esque product aimed at giving you a soft focus glow. I think there are more shades but this is the only one they had in the shop and it's a little bit too dark for me to use all over my face so I use it around the outside of my face to give me an extra glow.

Finally me and my mum went to ASDA and for some reason they had a little box full of Maybelline makeup that was all reduced down to crazy prices. I picked up the Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation. I know I'm a dry skinned girl but in the summer I get really greasy and my pores have been looking a bit larger than I would like recently so I thought this would help my face stay a little less greasy and smooth out my pores. Then I got the Vivid Matte Liquid in Nude Flush. This is very pink, I wouldn't really say it was very nude but I still like it nonetheless for summer as it's a bit brighter than I would usually go. Also this thing isn't matte, as I am writing this post I am wearing it and after an hour or two it is not matte whatsoever and transfers pretty easily. It's still comfortable on the lips though so I'm not complaining.

What have you picked up from the drugstore recently?

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