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July 24, 2016

Although this space of the internet is mainly for me to gush about my makeup obsession I want to try and make it a little more personal.

 A lot of things are going to be changing very soon and it's all getting real. At the end of this month me and my family are heading on over to France to go check in and pick up the keys to my University accommodation. Yep I'm moving to France. Let's back track a little bit, if you didn't know I have just finished my first year at University and I study International Business. Part of this course is a year study abroad so this isn't just a spur of the moment move, its been coming the whole time. I have always planned to go to France for the year, mainly because it's the only language I can kind of speak and I want to be able to become fluent in it. So yeah, at the end of August I am going to be going over to France for the whole academic year. And I am seriously nervous, I've never lived away from home and I am now moving to a different country away from all my friends and family, having to be completely independent. I am going to a really great University and everything is pretty much sorted at the moment but it's still scary to think that in a months time I will be sitting in France in my room while everyone I know is in England.

I'm obviously planning on keeping up my blog, luckily my room in halls is all white so I can keep up with my photos but for the first month the blog might be a bit empty so be prepared. I am moving to Lille and I'm planning to do a bit of travelling during my stay so my blog might transition to a beauty and travel blog which will be exciting.

Have any of you studied abroad or planning to?

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