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July 06, 2016

I would like to call myself quite the foundation connoisseur, it's the one makeup item that I'm constantly getting more of and trying out. I was thinking the other day that I have yet to find 'the one' foundation, the holy grail, the foundation I couldn't live without - you know. But then realised, there will never be a foundation that is perfect for any situation, and upon looking at my foundation stash I have come to the conclusion that I have 4 holy grail foundations, together they have me sorted no matter what I need.

The No-Fuss Base: For those lazy days when you want to quickly put a bit of makeup on, the Maybelline BB Fresh Cream is my go-to. It's light and dewy on the skin but still evens everything out while giving a bit of coverage. I normally apply this using my fingers as it's the easiest to do, especially when you're in a rush.

The Everyday Foundation: From the second I first pumped out the Makeup For Ever Ultra HD Foundation I knew I had found my new every day foundation. It applies so easily with a makeup sponge leaving a medium but buildable coverage that looks completely natural on the skin. For days when you want a lighter coverage you can get away with a thin layer of this but if your skins playing up you can easily add a few more layers on without having to worry about it looking cakey or patchy - perfect! For a full review you can read this post!

The Long Lasting Matte Base: The L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation is hands down my top drugstore foundation, it's so affordable but is seriously good. This is the foundation that I wear to work for my long shifts because I know that it's going to stay on my face the whole time and I won't even need to think about it. Don't let the whole matte thing scare off you dry skin girls, I don't find that this clings to my dry patches at all and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or tight whatsoever.

The Heavy Coverage Foundation: I feel like everyone should have a really full coverage foundation in their stash, my base of choice being the Vichy Dermablend Foundation. Now I rarely use this by itself, apart from a night out or something, because this is seriously heavy coverage and I don't need that for every day. I like to mix it with other foundations to give just a touch more coverage to my lighter bases, even just mixing it with your concealer when you've had a particularly rough night. Despite being a bit thick this doesn't feel uncomfortable on at all, I mean it's not the lightest foundation in the world but it won't make you feel like you have a tonne of makeup caked onto your face.

What are your top favourite foundations?

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