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Keeping Your Hair Smooth and Shiny All Summer Long

June 03, 2016

My hair can be pretty annoying, I suffer from the worst mixture of problems - oily roots and dry ends. As you can imagine it is very hard to satisfy both of these problems so recently i've been going for a more clarifying shampoo then relying on these two hair creams to add even more moisture to my ends even after using conditioner.

John Masters Organics Rose and Apricot Hair Milk: First off why is this called a hair milk? This is just a cream so don't let the name fool you. Anyway, this is the more moisturising of the two products, although it says it can be used for styling I think it's best being used like a leave-in conditioner. This feels so light in the hair but makes it feel so healthy and nourished, I apply on towel dried hair and then let it dry and once dry my hair look noticeably smooth and hydrated not to mention the healthy shine that it gives, I just love it.

Toni and Guy Cool Defining Cream: This one is more a styling cream, rather than really conditioning you hair it makes it look so shiny while still delivering a bit of moisture. When you squeeze the cream out you can instantly see that it looks quite pearlescent so you already know your hair is going to look so good, and it does. This is probably my favourite product of the two just because of how shiny it makes my hair looks an because the ends of my hair are so dry I want it to look as shiny as possible.

Do you have any hair creams that you love?

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