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June 29, 2016
blog organisation

I am going to start by pointing out the fact that I am not an organised person, one glance at my room right now would tell you so. I am organised when I want to be, I have been organised with Uni for the whole year out of necessity but apart from that my organisational skills are non-existent. When I first started my blog it was a mess, sporadic uploads and no plan whatsoever when it came to content. Recently I have to tried to change that, I like to post every other day and have my content planned in advance so that I can keep up with my schedule. I am probably not the best person to be giving out organisational advice, but here is what works for me.

The most important part of being an organised blogger is to plan ahead. For the past year I have been juggling University, a part time job and my blog. So it's safe to say blogging isn't my priority all the time, especially in exam season so planning is my best friend. I have an ideas notebook where I write down all my ideas for my blog posts so I always have a long list of content for my blog. This also makes photography a lot easier as I normally take my pictures in bulk, mainly because we don't really get many bright days in England so I take the opportunity to take as many pictures as I can when I have good lighting. On a good day I can get pictures for about 10 blog posts. Then I will edit them all in bulk as well so that they are all ready to go when I need them. So all of this planning and preparing means that when I have time to write posts up I can get a lot done.

One of the things that I find the hardest, and the thing that most of the time stops me from being organised is running out of ideas. It's all well and good saying that you should take all your pictures in bulk but when you don't know what you want to take a picture of this can be hard. When I'm stuck for inspiration I will go to the usual outlets like magazines, blogs etc. But even something as small as sitting by your makeup collection and looking through your products can give you some ideas for posts.

Then I like to schedule everything, I schedule all my posts to go up at 10am every other day, I like to sit down on a Sunday evening and write all my posts for the week, that way I can just sit back and relax without worrying about not having a post to go up. You can just do this while writing up your post by setting the schedule setting to set date and time. I have trying to be better at scheduling my social media posts as well, I have been using Buffer which is pretty easy to use and you can set the times that you want everything to go up at. 

So basically what I'm trying to say that when it comes to being an organised blogger, the key is to plan ahead and schedule everything. It stops those last minute stress-outs when you realise you should have a post going up in the morning but you have no content whatsoever. Juggling a blog with University or a job can be pretty hard, you just need to find the time and then use that time to the max and get a lot done. 

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