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June 10, 2016
Despite your holiday probably being the most relaxing time of your year, you probably become a bit too relaxed when it comes to beauty. We have all been there, I mean who actually successfully completes their skincare routine morning and night while on holiday? So even though my whole beauty regime was very minimal while I was on holiday these 4 products kept me looking human and feeling more put together.

Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturiser: This is the moisturiser I take everywhere with me. This is by far the best I have tried so far, it makes my skin feel smooth and hydrated yet not greasy at all. I was using a lot of thick cream moisturisers that come in pots and while they promised to save my dry skin they just kind of sat on top of my skin and didn't do anything. The Ultra Facial Moisturiser on the other hand is more liquid-y in consistency and it sinks into my skin and feels like it is actually helping my skin out. Moisturiser is the step that I never skip in my routine even when I'm on holiday. However, side note, who saw the article on Refinery29 about not wearing moisturiser for two weeks, because it has got me re-evaluating everything.

Institut Esthederm Cellular Water Spray: I literally swear by these kind of water sprays. Whether it be the Avene, La Roche Posay or any other you can get your hands on - just use them if you have dry skin and thank me later. You may be feeling sweaty on holiday when you're in the sun but trust me, don't be scared to spray some more moisture onto your face. First off it will cool your skin and leave it feeling refreshed, secondly it's going to put some moisture back into the skin which is lost when you sweat. This is essential, the kind of thing you need to carry in your bag all the time, but especially on your holidays.

St Tropez Spray Fake Tan: I can't be the only one that likes to fake tan on holiday? I have completely given up on laying in the sun and waiting for my skin to tan because it's never going to happen, I will just be left with a nasty burn. So I spend most of my holidays in the shade and relying on fake tan to give me the summer glow everyone around me seems to be getting effortlessly. I picked this up in the clearance section of Boots so it may be close to getting discontinued but spray on fake tans are so easy to use no matter the brand. I spray this all over my skin and then buff it in using a tanning mitt and I love the look and ease of application.

Toni & Guy Cool Defining Cream
: Chlorine can be pretty harsh on your hair, leaving it straw-like and unmanageable even after slapping on numerous layers of intensive treatments. So to help my hair look more shiny I rely on this. The cream is pearlescent which makes your hair look soo good, and it does add that extra little kick of moisture as well which is always appreciated, thank you. I apply this to damp hair after having a shower and I do notice my hair looks so much better after using this. So although it doesn't actually fix all your straw-hair woes it does do a damn good job of making it look like it's shiny and healthy instead of a dry and unmanageable mess.
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