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June 06, 2016

 Please say that I am not the only one that walks into a shop, feels so overwhelmed and ends up hardly getting any of the things you want? Case in point, Sephora. On a day trip to Orleans while holidaying in France with my family we visited the Sephora store there. Keep in mind that I had been thinking of this trip for MONTHS but once I got there I was overwhelmed by all the beautiful makeup and ended up coming out with 4 things. 4 things. I was there, purse in hand, ready to buy everything but faced with the problem of too much choice I couldn't think of what to get.

Nevertheless I still picked up 4 products that I am so excited to try. First up, the whole reason I was excited to go to Sephora, the Makeup Forever HD Foundation. Now you can get your hands on this in the UK but I don't know of anywhere that sell these products in store near me, plus I find buying foundations online waayy to risky and I'm not up for getting an orange foundation in the mail. I picked up the lightest shade that they had on the stand which is Y215 and I really hope this isn't the lightest shade they offer as it could be a smidge lighter to perfectly match my skin. I'm hoping this cult product will be everything I want, for just under €40 I want that wow-factor.
Another thing that I was dying to try were the Sephora Sheet Masks. Sheet masks are seriously hot right now but here in the UK there aren't that many places to get them for low prices, the ones in Sephora are €3,95 which I think is an absolute steal. They have a wide range of different masks but I picked up the Pearl Face Sheet Mask for brightening and perfecting and the Rose Eye Mask for ultra-moisturising and brightening. I kind of wish I had now picked up some of the lip sheet masks but I'm sure I'll be able to get more when I move to France in September.
Finally I picked up the Too Faced Sex and Chocolate Duo which I cant seem to find on the website but I found it in the 'aisle of doom' located before the checkouts, which might I add is probably one of my favourite parts of Sephora. This duo houses two of the brands most popular products, the Better Than Sex Mascara and the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, both of which I am unbelievably excited to try.
Thats all I got. Yes it's a bit underwhelming but I vow that next time I am let loose in a Sephora I will come back with a far more impressive haul.
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