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June 12, 2016
I've been a sucker for French Pharmacy skincare since walking into a pharmacy on holiday and seeing more skincare in such a small space than I had ever seen before. Since then there has just been something about the scientific nature of French skincare that seems trusting and has always drawn me in. Fast forward a few years and the majority of my skincare stash is made up of French brands, long story short these brands have never failed me and really work for my skin. Here is a run down of some of my favourite products.

La Roche Posay: Probably my most favourite brand from the pharmacy, I have never used a product I don't like from the brand. Serozinc has been holy grail status since first spray, like a lot of people say I don't really know what my skin loves so much about this but it is just life changing and after years of stocking up on this stuff every time I would visit France it's so great to have it right on my doorstep. Another product that has been with me from the start is the Effaclar Duo which is a life saver when I'm breaking out. I'll put this underneath my moisturiser day and night. If you suffer from redness then you will be all about the Rosaliac UV Legere which is an anti-redness moisturiser. this is tinted green so while it nourishes and smoothes your skin it colour corrects the redness. I feel all of the French pharmacy brands have their own version of the do-it-all cream and for La Roche Posay it's the Cicaplast Baume which I use on any part on my skin that is really dry and it sorts everything out. Finally the Hydraphase range which is probably my favourite range of products, in particular the Intense Yeux eye cream which I use every morning without fail because it really helps to moisturise and get rid of some of the puffiness around my tired eyes. Also the Intense Mask, a moisture mask that you leave on without needing to rinse off and leaves your skin feeling softer than ever.

Avene: Another of the more popular pharmacy brands, Avene is mostly known for their cold cream which is cream that cares for dry and irritated skin and is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. Their Gentle Milk Cleanser is a must-try for anyone, I always get the gentlest cleanser I can find and this feels so nice on the skin and perfectly finishes off my double-cleanse in the evening. Next up is the Soothing Moisture Mask which is the same idea as the LRP offering mentioned above but is the one I prefer out of the two, again I apply a generous layer to my skin and when around 15 minutes is up I remove any residue with a cotton pad soaked in their Thermal Water.

Bioderma: I think Bioderma was the brand that introduced everyone to the French pharamacy's after their micellar water hit cult status around the world, to this day I swear by micellar waters to remove my makeup. Another Bioderma product which I have heard a lot of people talk about is the Hydrabio Riche products, I really like the moisturising cream and I think there is a serum as well. This product works wonders for those who have dry or dehydrated skin as it is super moisturising and despite being relatively thin in consistency still packs a punch. Lastly from Bioderma is a new product which has got me excited, the Hydrabio Spray with SPF30 which is like your traditional water spray but with the added benefit of an SPF. You can spray this on your face throughout the day without worrying about disrupting your makeup but keeping your skin protected from the sun, genius!

Vichy: I haven't tried much from Vichy, infact only two products, BUT the two products that I have tried I am absolutely in love with. The Dermablend foundation is my favourite high coverage foundation as it gives me amazing coverage but still feels comfortable on the skin. The only problem is that I'm pretty sure I have the lightest shade but it's still not quite light enough. Then I have the Aqualia Thermal Serum which has literally saved my skin, it puts some much needed moisture into my skin leaving it feeling nourished and healthy rather than dull and dry like it usually is.

Others: Now onto some other products I've tried from French pharmacy brands, like everyone else I love the Nuxe Reve de Miel lipbalm. It is the perfect thick balm that gets rid of chapped lips like no other, it's not glossy or sticky at all so makes for a great base under other lip products, plus if you're not all about lip balms in pots they also have the same formula in stick form. And finally is the Institut Esthederm Cellular Water Spray which feels so luxurious even though I find it works the same as my other water sprays. I haven't seen this brand in the pharmacy's when I go to France which is wierd, but you can get all of their products on escentual.

I obviously haven't tried every product from the French pharmacy but I think I have trialled enough to create my own guide. I'm sure there will be an update soon of more products I will be trying.

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