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The 2 Eyeshadow Brushes You Need

May 31, 2016
Chances are, if you've watched any makeup video on Youtube, you are familar with Morphe brushes. I don't think I have watched a single makeup tutorial in months where these brushes haven't been mentioned. And that's great because not only are they amazing quality brushes they are really affordable. Not many UK sites sell a wide range of the Morphe brushes, there is Cult Beauty but they don't have that many so I ordered off Beauty Bay. They have such a big range of the brushes and it's free shipping when you spend over £15. I've seen a couple of bloggers say that they've had problems with the shipping with this website but it all went smoothly for me.
I got one of their face brushes which isn't very good, I mean it's not a bad brush by any means I just don't really have a use for it so kind of regret not going for something else. But two of the eyeshadow brushes I got are real gems. First up is the M441 Blending Crease Brush which is the one with the white hairs pictured above. I love this because it is a pretty firm brush so rather than using it to blend out my eyeshadow I use it for placing the eyeshadow in the crease. It picks up just the right amount of shadow and because it's quite firm it puts the shadow right where you want it. Then to blend my eyeshadow out I go in with the M505 Point Blending Brush which is the perfect size for my eyes as my eyelids aren't that big so I need a smaller brush to stop me having eyeshadow right up to my eyebrows. This brush is so soft and blends my eyeshadow out flawlessly.
These are both excellent quality brushes which is amazing as they both cost under £5. I washed them recently and they cleaned up pretty well although I've found some of the hairs aren't going back into shape which I think you can see from the picture but apart from that I have no problems with these brushes. 
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