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New Additions: NARS

May 22, 2016

Can you believe that up to a couple of weeks ago I had not owned a single NARS product, yes I hear the collective gasp from everyone reading this sentence. But it's true. I have been reading blogs for years now and have seen copious posts from bloggers confessing their love for the coveted brand but have never brought myself to getting anything.
This may be down to the fact that there is literally nowhere that sells NARS close to me, so the temptation hasn't been that strong as I don't like buying expensive makeup online I would rather test it out in person and then buy it. This all changed when I visited Space NK in Brighton and I set my eyes upon the NARS stand for the first time. I knew that I wanted a blush and I was choosing between *ahem* Orgasm and Deep Throat. What finally convinced me to get Deep Throat was this article on Into The Gloss because I mean that website could convince me to buy anything. Deep Throat is described as a soft-peach kind of like Orgasm but without the pink and it is perfect for me!
Only a week later I picked up the Radiant Creamy Concealer, I swear every single beauty blogger or vlogger I have ever read/watched has spoke about this concealer and it's been hard to resist the hype but I gave in. I got the lightest shade, Chantilly and it's a pretty good match but not as good as fair neutral in the Urban Decay concealer. I mean this is a good concealer, and I am still testing it out, but compared to the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer it's a bit meh. There I said it. But I will report back to you when i've tested it out fully.
What are your favourite Nars products? I think I need to pick up some more bits from them!
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