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Finding The Perfect Eyeliner For You

May 25, 2016
For all you eyeliner inclined people out there, you know that there is no such thing as a do-it-all-eyeliner. You need different things for different looks, depending on whether you want the precise cat eye flick or the smoked out line on your upper lash line. Here are the eyeliners that I use to get me through any situation.
The Liquid Eyeliner: When I want a really intense line liquid is my go-to, this is the best for getting a really opaque dark line and I find liquid eyeliners always make doing winged eyeliner a breeze. My favourite liquid eyeliner of right now is the Maybelline Master Ink Matte because the tip is really flexible and thin making lining my eyes a dream plus I like getting eyeliners in pots like this as they always last soo much longer.
The Pencil Liner: I was never into pencil eyeliner before trying the Maybelline Master Drama Eye Kohl, I didn't like tugging on my eyelids and all the eyeliners I used were always so dry it completely put me off. But this Maybelline offering changed the game, it is so creamy that you don't even need to tug on your eyes at all and it blends out like a dream. I'm not into making a precise line with this, I am more into messily applying this to my upper lash line then use a smudger brush to just smoke everything out a bit and it always looks great!
The Eyeliner Pen: If you are a beginner when it comes to eyeliner than I will always say to go for an eyeliner pen first. They are so easy to use and pretty foolproof, they are sturdy so are perfect for people who don't have the steadiest hand. I don't actually like the eyeliner pictured above as it dried out like crazy but I don't have my favourite at the moment which is the Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip. It's just a great eyeliner that doesn't dry up too fast, also it's only £2.99!
The Not-Black Eyeliner: When it comes to eyeliner I have always been a black or nothing kind of girl, I don't even own a brown eyeliner as I prefer something a lot more dark but I picked up the Maybelline Master Drama Nudes Pencil in Rose Pearl and it is everything. Now you won't be finding me lining my whole eyes with this although I could imagine an amazing rose gold winged eyeliner look now I think about it, but I digress. I apply a bit of this eyeliner to my inner corners and it brightens up my eyes and makes me look so much more awake. Even on days where I'm not wearing much makeup I will always add a little bit of this to the inner corner and I feel much more put together.
What are your favourite eyeliners?
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