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The Two Spring Polishes

April 15, 2016

When I think about spring and nail polishes, light nude nails just come to mind. I'm a big fan of my off whites and super light pink shades that always carry me through this season. I feel like summer is the time for brighter polishes and coral shades whereas spring is definitely the time to crack out your favourite pastel pink polish, we all have one.

These two polishes just so happen to be the newest polishes into my, kind of, small collection and are by far my most used already, I can't get enough of the Essie formula! And with the gel-setter topcoat, they do no wrong. The first colour, Sand Tropez, is my idea of the all-year-round polish. I am happy to wear this no matter the season, it's a perfect barely-there shade that never fails to look good. The next colour is Limo-Scene, the most recent purchase and how perfect is this uber light pink shade? I love these almost white pink shades as they look so feminine and classy on the nails. I just think they look super pretty on and are the epitome of the spring polish. My one problem with this nail polish, you need a few coats to get it to look opaque. I did three coats and it wasn't completely opaque so realistically you'd need 4 coats for this to look the best but even just the one coat gives a nice sheer wash of colour over the nails. The shade is so pretty though that all the time and hard work (?) of painting your nails is totally worth it.

Some other honourable mentions in the spring time polish category are the shades from the Barry M speed dry range as they have some beautiful pastels, most worthy of note being Pit Stop and Eat my Dust.

What are your favourite spring time polishes?

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