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The Current Favourites: MAC Eyeshadows

April 04, 2016

I've never really been that in to single eyeshadows, I've always bought eyeshadow palettes or quads, pretty much anything but singles. I saw them as a waste of space and money as well as being something that I would never reach for over a palette. But my thoughts have completely changed since developing a love for some of the MAC single eyeshadows in my collection. The most note-worthy being Cut to Fit and Kid.

Cut to Fit came out with one of the MAC collections a while ago and I managed to pick it up from the Cosmetics Company Store and it was love at first sight. It's a beautiful coppery-rust shade which is perfect for me as it's not too red-toned like its rust counterparts tend to be. It has a frost to it which personally doesn't bother me as I do like having a shimmery brown colour in my crease normally and this colour changes it up a bit but isn't too far out of my comfort zone. Although this was limited edition and unless you have a Cosmetics Company Store near you your chances of getting this are slim, I read on Temptalia that this shade is similar to Twinks from the permanent line.

Kid on the other hand is very much in my comfort zone, it's a perfect light brown shade that is the ultimate transition shade for the crease and creates the most natural shadow which makes it perfect for contouring. This is the shade out of the two that I reach for this most because I use it every. single. day. I always like to throw a little something on my eyes even for the most natural look and I find that putting a bit of this in the crease then adding a bit of Mary Lou Manizer on the lids creates just what I want. This is a veluxe shadow which is a finish that I hadn't even heard of before trying this shadow and I love it, it feels so soft and creamy, making it a dream to blend so would definitely get more shadows with the same formula.

Have you tried any MAC eyeshadows? What are your favourite shades?

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